TUME Insights

TUME Insights delivers a comprehensive suite of pro bono resources to support industry professionals. These include networking events, webinar training, expert opinion, industry news aggregation and hiring trend monitors.

We offer a valuable central point of reference; keeping you abreast of market developments in an efficient and expert fashion. Ensuring energy market professionals always have access to free convenient content to support their success.


We host regular networking drinks for industry professionals to learn about us and other market participants within informal settings and with no hidden agenda.


We host webinars on a variety of subjects to improve your knowledge, enabling our associates and partners to showcase their expertise to the benefit of our audience.


We aggregate, share and provide insight on industry news stories and deliver them straight into your hand, providing instantaneous access to the latest market developments in real time.


On a daily basis, we monitor and share senior and specialist role vacancies being advertised across the utilities market space. This enables you to test and evolve your own searches or to understand hiring trends in a time efficient fashion.