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Energy Live News Webinar - COVID-19: Issues for users, brokers and suppliers
Published by Stuart Dawes | 3rd April 2020

On the 26th March 2020 Energy Live News (ELN) hosted a virtual version of their popular Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC), providing a series of webinars in place of an annual event at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester. 

The virtual event proved very popular. However, with the timing of the event coinciding with the UK moving in to lock down, it quickly became apparent there was substantial interest in understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on their energy market related activities. 

The team at Energy Live News realised their audience would benefit from further guidance, with this needing to be an independent perspective to provide true value. Everyone is only just realising the gravity and potential consequences of this situation, so do not yet have clear company positions. ELN decided to schedule a webinar within 7 days and it was recommended ELN spoke to The Utility Market Experts to find an effective solution under their short delivery timescales.

On our first short conversation, we agreed a panel format would be preferential to provide breadth & depth of understanding from the viewpoint of all parties. The brief was quickly agreed and experts were selected from within the TUME roster of associates based on availability, expertise and ensuring no potential conflicts of interest. ELN qualified the proposed panel and we then prepared ourselves with sample questions and sharing our collective insight to ensure confidence.

The panel successfully fielded a multitude of questions from professionals across the energy sector, with each looking to gleam insight into what impact the industry had felt to date, what potential future actions may be taken (by energy suppliers and regulators) and to understand how they could best protect themselves and their stakeholders.

Initial figures suggest the 1 hour webinar had a live audience of ~300 individuals and initial feedback indicated it had delivered its objective (based on audience feedback ratings submitted at end of the webinar). If you would like to listen to it yourself, then you are able to access it here.

Energy Live News is an award winning independent publishing and events company, founded by Geoff Curran and Sumit Bose in 2010. They are one of the UK’s leading daily news site covering the energy sector, making energy issues easy to understand and appeal to both the B2B sector and general consumers. They also organise a number of popular industry events such as the Energy Live Expo, the Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC) and The Energy Live News Consultancy Awards (TELCAs). To learn more about Energy Live News please visit their site here.

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